Life Coaching

Astarea Rae: Life Coach, Counsellor, Personal Trainer

Astarea completed her Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching, switched careers and became a Life Coach and Mentor working throughout New Zealand, the United States and Australia. Astarea has 14 years’ experience in counseling, crisis/trauma and social work and blends these modalities with her Life Coaching to offer a very dynamic and holistic approach. She believes that Life Coaching is more than just a therapeutic process; it’s also an opportunity to teach her clients the principles of Life Coaching and the many strategies and techniques which can assist them in daily life. As a Coach, Astarea accompanies her clients on their journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, change and transformation.Astarea Rae Life Coaching.

Alongside Astarea's Life Coaching, she is a qualified Personal Trainer and blends together her Life Coaching and Training to provide people with a holistic approach to Health and Wellness.