Many of our chronic diseases are the result of our modern lifestyle changes, including dietry habits and the changes in the quality of our food.

In the view of theis we may need to FINE TUNE OUR EATING HABITS to maximise our opportunities to sustain good health throughout our lives. We base our philosophy on the work done by Weston A Price, a true scientist and nutritionist who practiced dentistry.

Our clinic taps into past knowledge of nourishing traditional foods and methods that our ancestors took for granted.
We aim to fortify our clients with the knowledge and skills to restore those nourishing traditions. Although this can be a challenge in our modern world of fast living, it is nevertheless a tried and proven method of providing the body with the tools in needs for self repair.

We are big on EDUCATION, running classes to assist those who want to improve their cooking skills or improve their understanding of nourishing the body. Our focus is on prevention, and often a little bit of knowledge can got a long way to keeping us healthy as we age.