• AlkaWay Stainless Steel Insulated Filtration Bottle 700ml $64.00

    Product Information

    The stainless steel filter bottle is the first water bottle to offer BOTH TriMax triple insulation AND filtration. Our technlogy keeps water cold for up to 36 hours without the annoyance and discomfort of cold, wet hands. Combining high performance with a sleek design, there’s no better bottle for camping, travel, hiking, and everyday enjoyment.

    Bottle Specs:

    •Premium #304 stainless steel – No BPA, No phthalates, No liners

    •Can be used without filter, extra straw included

    •Silicone spout, comfortable and replaceable

    •No need to tilt bottle when drinking

    •Keeps water cold up to 36 hours



    •Comes with a free AlkaSachet which will deliver 100 litres of alkaline ionized super hydrating water.

    •See Filter Specs below in the Description

    •Replacement Filters here (the bottle will also fit the Advanced and Alkaline filter)

    •Filter made in the USA

    * Parasites that are the most common causes of waterborne illnesses

    ** Miraguard™ antimicrobial technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media, so the filter does not need special cleaning.