• Grow Younger Live Longer $19.00

    Deepak Chopra

    Learn how you can reverse the process of aging and look younger than your actual age for years to come. Grow Younger Live Longer will help keep people young and beautiful for longer than they expect.

    There is no one who wouldn’t agree to give it a try if they were told there was a way in which they could prevent themselves for aging. Though, things like this are usually laughed at, as no one would think it was remotely possible. However, scientific research has shown that it can be done and Deepak Chopra explains this theory of reversing the aging process to readers through his book. This anti-aging manual will show us how we can prevent markers of aging like blood pressure, muscle strength and cholesterol levels. This book will introduce us to all the discoveries in mind and body medicine, and will show us how we can live a long life filled and look like we were fifteen years younger.