• Rick Collingwood - Ultimate Meditation CD $24.00

    The patented Neurosonic Frequencies on this recording will take you deeper, further, and more relaxed than you have ever been before! In the first 5 minutes of the audio you are guided by Rick Collingwood's very relaxing voice with a short hypnotic induction. After this you will be left for 55 minutes with specific entrainment frequencies to sustain a low level of theta trance perfect for a deep meditation. Doing this you can leave your mind to wander and develop deep and meaningful connections with the purpose for which are meditating.

    This Audio Can Be Used For...

    • Saying personal affirmations (aloud or inside your mind)

    • Improving clarity of thought and implementation of ideas

    • Simply experiencing true sustained deep relaxation

    • Entering into a deep state of sleep nice and easily

    • Enhancing massage, reiki and other alternative therapies in a clinic